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Mission Dresser

Mission Dresser For Your Bedroom -  It is The Perfect Partner of The Mission Bed

The mission dresser like any other mission furniture carries an air of sophistication and elegance. All mission furniture are surely crafted from hardwood and are hundred percent eco-friendly. They are finished differently – golden oak or chestnut. The mission dresser is perfect to match any house décor that describes distinct taste. Dressers are identified with women. Is it because women are by nature more vain than men?

The mission dresser is the next important piece of furniture in the bedroom. Match a mission wood chest with your mission dresser and mission bed – you got the most authentic bedroom. The mission design is guaranteed to suit even the most selective taste.  The mission dresser is made from solid wood and a single oak wood dresser can be a dominant accent in the bedroom, aside from the bed. Although dressers are more typical to women, guys can also have their own, far different from the kind of woman’s dresser.

There are two very common types of mission dresser depending upon the use – standing or sitting.

Standing dresser – This type of dresser is higher, as it is designed to be used while one is in the upright position. Ideal height is up to the mid-chest. The user stands up in front of this type of dresser. Made of wood, the drawers of this kind of dresser are also made of the same material. As this is higher, the standing dresser can have more drawers.

Sitting dresser – This type is lower than the first type. The user assumes a sitting position while facing the dresser. A mission vanity stool is perfect for sitting. It can have a right side cabinet with adjustable partitions. A center drawer and side drawers can add style of this type of dresser. As it is crafted with the mission design, expect the dresser to be made of wood with mission style hardware (hinges, handles and roller glides).

Although mirrors are optional, dressers usually have this attachment. The mirrors can be of different sizes and shapes. Common shapes are oval, round, square or rectangle. Some mirrors can be plain; many have designs at the edges.  They have series of drawers for storage of personal kits. The usual contents are make-up paraphernalia, some perfume and other body care products. Head accessories are also organized in the drawers of the dresser. The drawers are shutting with roller drawer glides to contribute to the semi-automatic closing and opening. Hinges and pullers are typical mission hardware.

Typical with the mission dresser is the authenticity of the design – this style is the inherent characteristic of mission furniture. The wood and other materials including the puller and hinges are mission designs.

Prices of the mission dresser differ – on the basis of the intricacy of the design, maybe carvings on the wooden frame. Another determinant of price is the mirror of the dresser. Although quality is never a problem with any mission furniture, mirror can have other properties that will cause a variation in price.

Furnish your bedroom with a mission dresser – this is the best décor you can add to your bedroom. They are available on-line and off-line. Wherever you purchase it, you are sure of the quality – one of a kind. This is an investment you will bequest to the family’s next generation.